FALLS CITY – District Judge Julie Smith sentenced 32-year-old Noah Hall to two years probation for a May 20 assault saying it is the best way to ensure he pays restitution for victim’s medical expenses.

An arrest affidavit says police responded to a Chase Street residence and found a man there with a loose tooth, facial lacerations and bleeding from near his eye.

At sentencing Tuesday, Richardson County Attorney Samantha Scheitel said, considering the violence in the case, “I can’t in good conscience recommend probation.”

Defense Attorney Allen Fankhouser said multiple people were involved in a disturbance at a bar and Hall initially stepped in to break it up. He said the injured victim provoked Hall by mentioning a past criminal conviction and offering to victimize him.

Judge Julie Smith said she understands the prosecutor’s point of view, but said she believes Hall will benefit from being required to abstain from alcohol. She said probation is the best way to ensure that he pays over $10,000 in restitution. Bryan Health is charging $5,988 and Community Medical Center $2,938. There are additional medical bills for specialists.