SYRACUSE - Prior to approving phase 2 of the Meadow Subdivision Wednesday, City Councilman Wesley Halvorsen asked about the naming of Heather Street.

Developer Ron Zahn explained that the naming is in honor of a good friend who “was taken away too soon in an auto accident.”

Heather, a 1972 graduate at Syracuse, drown in 1973 when a pickup truck he was driving plunged into a creek bed near Syracuse. Investigators say the center span of a county bridge had been torn away by debris carried by high water.

The wheels of the truck were spotted by road crews called out to barricade the bridge near Lorton.

Heather was believed to be heading toward home at the farm of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Heather.

Heather was a classmate of Ron and Barb Zahn. Zahn credited Heather for his first construction job.

In other action at Wednesday’s meeting, Sheriff Colin Caudill reported DUI and illegal drug arrests, as well as 10 traffic stops.

The council gave Sonnie Graves of the Parks Department approve to install sprinkler systems to fields C and D at the sports complex at a cost of $7,400 per field.

The council accepted a $4,910 bid to side the Williams Park shelter. Councilman Patton suggested gutters and landscaping. The shelter has had 17 rentals since September of 2022.

Justin Stark of Olssen, was granted approval of the master plan agreement work order for the design of a trail and basketball court At Williams Park and sports complex at the cost of $22,680.

The conditional  use permit  for Little River's edge located at 2671 J rd on the Lintner Subdivision  was approved to allow camping at that location without supplying electrical hookups. 

Tim Wilson of the Syracuse  Rescue Squad approached the mayor and council regarding two cots that are in need of replacing at a cost of $61,376.  Wilson is waiting on a grant decision before requesting ARPA funds from the city. By being rural and volunteer,  Syracuse has an increased chance to receive the grant.

Bruce Neemann, Syracuse permit supervisor, requested action on ordinance 1135 to amend the zoning code regarding floodplain district  (overlay district) Syracuse residents are encouraged to touch base with their insurance provider for any changes. 

Austin Landwehr, land owner at 15th and Mohawk St., expressed his interest in the land which occupied 15th Avenue. Landwehr would like to be kept in the loop if the city no longer has need for this strip of land.

There was an increase in building permits for Syracuse,  from 62 in 2021 to 81 in 2022.