NEBRASKA CITY - Damon Benning, analyst on the Huskers Radio Network, told the Big Red Buzz audience at Nebraska City Thursday that news surrounding former interim coach Mickey Joseph is likely to complicate the coaching staff’s push to retain current players.

Benning: “I think it would impact Nebraska the greatest in terms of retention of guys on the current roster. That’s where I think it would have the biggest impact because he’s had such an influence on those current players in terms of condition and how they go about approaching their day-to-day.”

247 Sports reports that four-star athlete Malachi Coleman de-committed from Nebraska Thursday citing recent changes in coaching staff and Benning said he expects other programs outside of the state to see potential opportunity in talking with Nebraska players.

Ernest Hausmann, who earned playing time as a freshman at linebacker, and Nebraska’s leading tackler Luke Reimer are among players who may face pressure with opportunities during the coaching transition.

Meanwhile, Coach Matt Rhule is prepared to “hit the road running” with the announcement of six new coaching hires. Benning expects Nebraska to have eight coaches on the recruiting trail beginning Friday.

He said the situation does not look good for Joseph to remain on the Nebraska staff, however. 

He said Joseph was upbeat earlier in the day Wednesday and was scheduled to meet with the team’s new offensive coordinator to talk about his potential future in the program just prior to his arrest on a domestic assault charge.

Benning expressed personal affection for Joseph and his family and a fan’s disappointment to see the program’s momentum take a step back.

Benning: “I just had breakfast with him on Friday morning and his kids. There were seven of us in a hotel lobby getting ready to have breakfast … that’s kind of where my heart is. I just look at that family structure. They are going to have some tough decisions to make.”

In regards to details of Coach Rhule’s $74 million contract and $7 million for assistants, Benning said it’s clear the administration is serious about its football program.

Benning: “Nebraska is officially spending like a team that wants to compete. They are playing in the big leagues.”

New offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield will also be the tight ends coach.

Benning said it is an unusual combination, but one that Satterfield apparently welcomes.

Benning: “They didn’t stick him with the tight ends. He wants tight ends.”

Benning surmised that perhaps Coach Satterfield recognizes the talent in the room.