FALLS CITY – The Richardson County House of Hope sold out of street tacos Monday in a fundraiser for a supervised, transitional house aimed at helping women get out of abusive, addictive lifestyles.

Volunteer Linda Santos is asking for donations for a house where “guests” will have the responsibility of cooking, cleaning and learning about how to be successful in life.

Santos: “We want to help those that want to help themselves. It’s not a hand out. It’s a hand up.”

While the House of Hope’s $350,000 application for American Recovery funds was denied, Santos says the need for life-changing services remains.

Santos: “I can’t imaging a person being homeless, sleeping in their car, not having running water, electricity. Our winters and our summers can be brutal in Nebraska, so I come from a place of compassion and hope – House of Hope, we’re not going to give up.”

The House of Hope partnered with Rogue Street Tacos of Hiawatha, Kan., at the Dollar Fresh parking lot, where they sold out in 90 minutes and raised $600. The event coincided with World Homeless Day.

Santos said she doesn’t like the “snail’s pace” for progress, but said it’s a worthy cause.


Santos: “We have many clergy members in our advisory board and they do go to the jail.

They go and visit the people who are incarcerated and they can see the ones that really want to try and change their lives and we want to help those, if they want to change.”

The Richardson County House of Hope would get its start by offering living quarters to women who will be homeless unless they move in where there is known drug activity or violence.