FALLS CITY - Randall Bostic, 42, of Hiawatha, Kan., was sentence to two years probation for possession of methamphetamine Aug. 28, 2021.

An arrest warrant says Bostic was arrested after a confidential informant purchased over a gram of meth at the Rulo boat docks.

Prosecutors say Bostic was driving a KIA Spectrum at the scene, which was under surveillance by the Richardson County Sheriff’s Office.

Renee Bostic, 41, of Hiawatha is scheduled for sentencing on Sept. 27 after entering a no contest plea to delivery.

In a separate case, Thomas Summers, 36, of Falls City entered a no contest plea to possession of marijuana and child neglect on April 26.

Prosecutors say Missouri officials conducted an interview with a missing juvenile who was located at Summers’ Fulton Street residence  on May 18. The juvenile told investigators that she smoked marijuana with Summers.

Sentencing is set Nov. 15.

An  arrest warrant was issued Tuesday for Dawn Hasley, 41,  of Falls City.

Hasley was sentenced to 18 months probation starting in March for attempted delivery of methamphetamine, but did not appear in court on a time-pay hearing for court costs.