NEBRASKA CITY – The Nebraska City commission discussed its property tax asking at Tuesday’s meeting.

The city has some employee wages linked to the consumer price index and reported an inflation rate of 8.6 percent.

Finance Commissioner Gloria Glover said city wages can not rise by that inflation rate and still stay below the state-imposed lids.

City Administrator Lou Leone said the city’s valuation has increased about 4.5 percent, but would have to go up another $10 million for the city to offer 5 percent wage increases.

The city is proposing a 4.3 percent increase in its budget for an overall property tax asking for the general fund of $1.2 million and $672,000 for the bond fund.

Nebraska City has 53 full-time and 45 part-time employees. The city currently has job openings for attorney, police officer, EMT, part-time paramedic, golf course attendant and library assistant.