OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Another stolen gun was recovered from the bold burglaries of an Omaha gun store in early August.

Five people broke into Frontier Justice at 82nd and West Center in late June.

Two people did the same thing in early august.

They smashed a front window to get into the business and then busted up the glass displays with a hammer to grab mostly handguns.

A total of 59 guns were taken.

According to court and arrest records, just four of the 59 stolen guns have been recovered so far.

This weekend Omaha Police arrested 18-year-old Terry Johnson. Officers allege he had a gun that came from the Aug. 8 burglary.

And last week police tied 18-year-old Terry Barfield to two of the guns from the break-in.

Another gun was recovered in mid-August.

Investigators searched Barfield’s home and phone and told the court that Barfield had several conversations in his messages where he was selling firearms.

He also allegedly had screenshots of YouTube videos with the titles: “Three arrested in violent Texas gun store robbery” and “Smash and grab robbers loot Maryland gun store.”