PLATTSMOUTH -  An 18-year-old Cass County murder suspect has recently been satisfactorily released from probation, despite the state’s claims of violations.

 Jabari Parsons of rural Plattsmouth is suspected of the stabbing death of 55-year-old Mary Blackwell on Thursday, Aug. 25.

He had been sentenced to a probation term on allegations of possession of marijuana that were amended to uncontrollable juvenile.  He was satisfactorily released in June.

The state had filed a motion to revoke probation saying Parsons was inconsistent in following probation and parental rules. The state withdrew the motion to revoke after parenting and anger management courses were ordered.

The Cass County Sheriff’s Office says Parsons was found at the scene when they arrived.

Cassgram reports that deputies were dispatched to 9301 Highway 75 after an individual had been on the phone with her friend at that location and a resident began screaming and asking the other person to call 911. The line was disconnected.

A small fire was reported, but had been extinguished. Blackwell was found with multiple lacerations and a fatal stab wound to her chest.