NEBRASKA CITY – Big Red Buzz returned Thursday to Valentino’s Restaurant in Nebraska City, where college football analyst Damon Benning compared Nebraska’s coaching plotline to a family facing a big mortgage payment.

Benning: “It’s like when the mortgage is due, you’re on the clock and you’ve got nine days.”

(Nebraska will play Northwestern in Dublin, Ireland, in nine days)

Benning said functional harmony is important among the head coach and Nebraska’s new coaches, including offensive coordinator Mark Whipple, special teams coordinator Bill Busch, offensive line coach Donovan Raiola and wide receivers coach Mickey Joseph.

He compared Coach Frost’s position to a family provider who has had to reach out for financial intervention in hopes of paying the bills. Benning said it’s not always easy to show new people the family books, but Coach Frost has to show the new folks everything.

Benning: “The closer you get to when the mortgage is due, the more open you have to be.”

Openness, he said, includes games plans and what plays will be called  when it’s late in the third quarter or fourth quarter.

At Big 10 media Days Frost said he feels a little sad about not having the primary play calling role and said there would be some type of collaboration.

Frost: “I’m not divorcing myself from it.”

Benning said the new coaches were brought in to help pay this mortgage and it will be interesting to see how the payment  plan develops.

At Tuesday’s press briefing, Whipple mentioned a story he told players about the stress he felt when he had to call plays for a Super Bowl.

When asked about the quarterback in the running game, Whipple said the quarterback will be involved, but he does not want a quarterback to get hurt. He said running plays from the quarterbacks on the roster could be worked in.

Benning said quarterback accuracy is a point of interest because that will allow Nebraska’s receivers a chance to gain yards after catch.

Benning: "It's going to be the consistency of the Nebraska offense that will get Nebraska through."

He gave his highest praise to the running backs room and the Husker’s defensive backs and said the offensive and defensive lines are the greatest concerns.

The Big Red Buzz is scheduled at noon at Valentino's Thursdays during game weeks.