NEBRASKA CITY - A local family's search continues for a missing 39-year-old Nebraska City man nearly six months after his initial disappearance.

Jacob C. Hall has been missing since Feb. 21, 2022 according to the Nebraska State Patrol's website.

He was living in Falls City at the time of his disappearance, where he was last seen entering a black truck with two other men. He stands at 5-foot-11 and has three distinctive tattoos. 

Hall has a peace sign tattooed on his wrist, a Superman symbol on his arm with a 'J' instead of an 'S' and a red devil on his ankle. 

Hall has five aliases according to a missing persons flyer - Jakey Hall, JoJo Hall, Clinton Hall, Jacob Chandler and Jake Hall. 

Kelly Hall--Hall's sister--said over a phone interview Monday that Hall was allegedly seen in July in Shenandoah, Iowa, but that she along with local law enforcement haven't been able to confirm the sighting. 

Kelly said the last six months have been "stressful" and "traumatic" since Hall was reported missing. 

Hall is known to be gone for months at a time, but he always makes sure to reach out to family routinely to let them know what he is up to.

Kelly said her initial concern that something was wrong came when Hall stopped contacting any family or friends and missed his grandmothers funeral in March.

"If he was around...he would've been there 100 percent," Kelly said of Hall's absence from the funeral. "And he never showed up to say goodbye or anything."

Kelly has been taking to social media in recent weeks in hopes of finding someone who may know of Hall's location, tracking down any and all leads she comes across while driving from town to town to hang up missing person posters. 

She added that she just wants to know what happened to Hall and make sure he is safe and OK. 

"If Jake (Hall) is reading this, we (the family) love him and miss him," Kelly said. "And we hope to see him soon."

Individuals are encouraged to contact the Nebraska City Police Department at 402-873-6666 if they have seen Hall, heard from him or have any additional information on his disappearance. 

Folks can also reach out via phone or text message to Kelly at 402-713-5086 or Amber Hall at 402-969-0251. The family asks that those who reach out a leave a message if their call isn't answered. 

Hall is still listed as missing on the Nebraska State Patrol website.