FALLS CITY – The Quad County Historical & Research Society presented the annual report on the Quad County Museum at Tuesday’s Richardson County board meeting.

The museum is requesting $5,000 in this year’s county budget for additional mannequins, photo display, promotional items and a concrete path behind the museum to the alley.

Society President Sandra Stalder talked about progress on the upstairs level.

Stalder: “People had lived up there years and years ago, but no one was living there at that time. Duane actually restored, took all of the framework out, and put in new flooring, painted the walls, painted the ceiling. We put in lights and now we have displays upstairs too.”


County funds used to purchase a chair lift so people can get from one level to the other.

Sharon and Dean Bogle said the museum sparks childhood memories for many visitors.

Bogle: “The like to tour and say, ‘oh, we used to have that in our house’ or  we used to this, we used to do that. It just kind of takes them back on a little bit of a tour and they can show it to their children and grandchildren.”

Dean Bogle: “The people who grew up in Humboldt, they come in and kind of relive their childhood and look at what it looked like in Humboldt  during their growing up years.”

The museum also displays athletic trophies from Humboldt before the HTRS merger, including the 1916 state championship basketball team.

The museum is open from 1 to 4 p.m. on the second Sunday. It is also open for the annual Fourth of July car show and during the Richardson County fair in September.