SYRACUSE – The Syracuse City Council is putting new limitations on ATVs, named a new assistant fire chief, approved salary increases and authorized satellite mapping of Park Hill Cemetery.

Golf Carts and ATV/UTVs are becoming more popular on the streets of Syracuse.

The city council created an ordinance that requires these operator's  to have a Class O license or a farm permit in order to drive legally in Syracuse.

Councilman Jerry Werner asked Sheriff Colin Caudill to have his deputies keep an eye out for illegal operator's.

ATV's and UTVs and golf carts must be registered  with the city and inspected by the sheriff in order to be legal on the streets of Syracuse.

Southeast Nebraska Development District is writing a grant authorized by the Downtown Revitalization Act to benefit mainstreet businesses.

SENDD reported Monday that the more interest from downtown businesses the grant can show, the better the city’s chances of be awarded $400,000.

Sheriff Caudill credited criminal analysts and deputies for quickly solving a case of stole catalytic converters.

The sheriff says vehicles parked outside have been targets of thieves, as well as the school’s vans.

The city council adopted a $25 fine for fireworks offense. The sheriff said his office received only one complaint this year from the entire county.

Parks and Recreation Supervisor Jill Crook's resignation was accepted. The City will be advertising the position. This is being made a full time position with a salary of $48,000 to $67,000  depending on experience.

All bids for a new fire truck have been rejected, mostly due to the expiration of said contract. The fire truck board will start their process over.

Darin Lintner was voted in as the new assistant fire chief for Syracuse

Wendy Werner of the Syracuse Chamber spoke regarding needing volunteers for Germanfest. She encourages volunteers to sign up at

 Due to the rising costs, city employees were granted a 5 percent cost of living adjustment.

Windy Prairie was granted access to Park Hill cemetery records to do GPS and GIS mapping of the cemetery plots.

City Clerk Kelly Farmer reported city offices get calls regularly asking for information,  but has no digital records to point them to. The  GPS mapping will allow records to be available from the city’s website. There will be images of each stone and the information to that plot if occupied and also information for existing plots that are vacant.