NEBRASKA CITY – Donald Pack, 22, of Nebraska City entered a guilty plea this week to manslaughter in the New Year’s Eve shooting death of David Holmes.

In a plea agreement, the charge of second degree murder was dismissed.

At a preliminary hearing in Otoe County, Public Defender Michael Ziskey said the two men had been friends for years and  the shooting was an accident as the men prepared for the New Year’s celebration.

He said Pack believed the gun was not loaded when he pointed it at Holmes.

Police Cpt. Lonnie Neeman said Pack brought the gun to the New Year’s Eve  party and he and Holmes had both “messed” with it.

At preliminary hearing  Ziskey resisted the manslaughter charge.

Ziskey: “There is no evidence of a sudden quarrel nor is it an unintentional killing while committing an unlawful act. We’re submitting that this was a pure accidental shooting.”

Pack’s bond was reduced to 10 percent of $150,000 and sentencing is scheduled Aug. 15.