PAWNEE CITY -  A Pawnee City man is accused of a string of crimes that allege retaliation vandalism, threatening officers with a shotgun, stealing a pickup and using it to ram parked cars.

Kenneth Berry, 59, is charged with 13 counts May 2 and May 3.

A Pawnee County deputy wrote in an arrest affidavit that Berry started "a run of many criminal offenses" that began after a disagreement with another man. Berry is suspected of throwing eggs at the man's house and tearing up the lawn with his vehicle.

The deputy says Berry’s vehicle needed repair, but he slapped an employee of Sitzman’s garage. He is then suspected of kicking in a door panel of a nearby residence.

After he was contacted by deputies, the affidavit says, he drove through Table Rock without headlights and ran several stop signs.

The deputy says Berry parked and began walking south toward Pawnee City. A few hours later, deputies were dispatched to the pet food manufacturer  Alphia regarding  assaults to two employees.

Deputies say a resident along Highway 50 north of Pawnee city called authorities that a man was pounding on her windows saying his vehicle was broken down.

A neighbor then reported his flatbed pickup stolen. The deputy says he was next dispatched back to Alphia where an employees’ car had been struck and pushed from its parking stall. A second vehicle was also damaged.

Deputies from Richardson and Pawnee counties went to Berry’s residence. The affidavit says he threatened to kill them with a shotgun and escaped the house.

A nearby resident says a man came into his unlocked basement and demanded clothing.

Berry was taken into custody near a wooded area after he attempted to sleep in a pickup truck.