OMAHA, Neb. — An Omaha Police officer has been fired, it was announced Wednesday.

According to a press release, Omaha Police Chief Todd Schamaderer fired Katherine Belcastro-Gonzalez on May 12.

OPD issued the following statement:

“Due to recent media inquiries regarding her status with the Omaha Police Department, we are sharing that Chief Todd Schmaderer formally requested the employment of Katherine Belcastro-Gonzalez be terminated on Thursday, May 12, 2022. The personnel matter will be reviewed by the court, which is open to the press and public. Chief Schmaderer will not be making any statements regarding the termination so as to preserve Mrs. Belcastro-Gonzalez’s personnel rights. However, she may release the termination letter showing the contents. The letter will not come from the Omaha Police Department at this time.”

No further comment was provided by Schmaderer.

Belcastro-Gonzalez sued the city in 2019, alleging that a sexual harassment complaint against an OPD lieutenant was not properly investigated in 2010. She also accused the department of unfairly passing her over for promotions.

OPD confirmed earlier this year that Belcastro-Gonzalez was on leave and under investigation.

Belcastro-Gonzalez's husband, Greg Gonzalez, will square off against Aaron Hanson for the Douglas County Sheriff's seat in the November general election.