NEBRASKA CITY - Crista Eggers of Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana says time is running out on the state’s best, last chance to get medical cannabis on the November ballot.

A petition drive needs 87,000 signatures by July 7, but Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana does not have any professional petition circulators.

 Eggers: “We need people to come out and sign. Time is of the essence. Our campaign is not going to survive if people do not step up, find a signing location, contact our campaign Nebraska”

Eggers, whose son battles intractable epilepsy, said success of the petition would be among the first grassroots campaign to make it on the ballot without paid circulators.

She said the campaign was tossed in the last election after collecting 196,000 signatures based on a technicality, but she feels the legal experts have drafted the new petitions based on court and secretary of state rulings.