LINCOLN - Nebraska state senators voted Thursday to override Gov. Pete Ricketts’ line-item vetoes on three budget bills, including one involving the MoPac Trail.

A governor veto slashed half of the $8.3 million that had been approved to complete the MoPac trail in Cass County.

LB 1013 originally passed on a 33-5-11 vote and gained favorable votes in the veto override to 41-5-3.

 Cyclists say completion of the eight-mile gap in the MoPac Trail will connect bicycle-friendly routes from Maryville, Kan. to Omaha.

Right now the trail runs from west Omaha to South Bend and crossed the Platte River on the Lied Pedestrian bridge, where it stops.

After the eight-mile gap, it picks up a unincorporated Wabash and goes into Elmwood and Eagle.

Gov. Ricketts had said private funding must be part of the solution to balance taxpayer dollars.