"I’m Jim Pillen. I’m a Christian Conservative."

One can only guess how many times GOP Statehouse hopeful Jim Pillen has labeled himself a Christian Conservative, a pro-lifer with a TV ad that finds him talking tougher and tougher.

Pillen Ad: "So help me God, I believe abortion is murder."

A position that likely comes into play if Roe v Wade is overturned and finds states passing abortion bans and more.

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NCN’s Joe Jordan: “You have a commercial where you say abortion is murder. Should the women be prosecuted?”

Jim Pillen: “No, the woman—the way the law states today—has that privilege.”

Pillen’s top two rivals, Charles Herbster and State Sen. Brett Lindstrom also tout their pro-life positions. But asked by NCN if abortion is murder and if so should the woman be held criminally responsible, neither Herbster nor Lindstrom has responded.

Pillen doing anything but backing down.

Jim Pillen: “Life starts at conception. It’s a hundred percent a gift of grace from God.”

NCN’s Joe Jordan: “You’re saying that abortion is murder.”

Jim Pillen: “That’s what I’m saying.”

His top two opponents are saying less.