PLATTSMOUTH - Cass County commissioners are offering opposition to an inheritance tax bill offered by State Sen. Rob Clements.

LB310, which impacts inheritance tax collections, has advanced from first-round hearings in the Unicameral.

Clements says the bill will more than double the exemption amounts and slightly reduce tax rates in some categories.

Clements expects the bill to cut the amount collected by 15 percent from $64 million to about $10 million.

A Cassgram article on Tuesday noted that Cass County has used the inheritance tax for capital and road improvements and currently has over $6 million in the account.

Commissioner Jim Peterson said there have been positive amendments to the bill, but Board Chairman Dan Henry criticized Clements for not discussing the bill with county commissioners before introducing it.

District 5 Commissioner Duane Murdoch said property tax cuts should be the priority. He said  a lifetime of paying property taxes will be more than an inheritance tax.

 Henry said he would like Sen. Clements to personally come before the board and explain his position on the inheritance tax.