NEBRASKA CITY – Otoe County is pursuing a new emergency notification system for mobile phones.

Emergency Management Director Gregg Goebel told the board in December that Otoe County expects a fee increase because the county  is exceeding the allowed number of recipients under its agreement with PageMyCell.

He said IamResponding service will cost $2,995 a year for five years, about $800 less than PageMyCell.

Commissioners also voted in December to place Kelly Bequette of Nebraska City to the Otoe County Extension Board.

The extension board is filling a vacant spot left by Trevor Houghton, but had a tie vote between Bequette and DeAnna Moore.

Commissioners Jared Sornson, Rick Freshman and James Parsons voted in favor of Bequette.

Commissioners re-appointed Howard Bebout, Dan Hodges, Richard Warner and Cheri Wirthele to the planning commission.

In other action, commissioners approved an amateur radio tower near roads 10 and E.