NEBRASKA CITY – A Talmage woman is charged with climbing through a window frame and assaulting a First Corso resident on the day she was released from county jail.

Danielle Vanderkuur, 36, is accused of burglary, assault and theft on Dec. 15 at 401 First Corso.

A woman there said Vanderkuur knocked on her door in the cold and wind and asked for something to eat. She told police that, once inside, Vanderkuur went on a rant that frightened her.

She said she tricked Vanderkuur into stepping outside and then she locked the door. She says Vanderkuur broke out the front window, climbed through the window frame, caught her as she tried to escape and smashed her head against the floor.

The woman said she ran barefoot to a neighbor’s house to call police. She also reports that Vanderkuur took the flip flops that came off of her feet during the attack.