SYRACUSE  - The website Pinterest offers over 160 images of a trend where designs of pole barns, metal sheds and shops are being used for living quarters called a "shouse" and now there may be some coming to Syracuse.

The city council voted in favor of an ordinance Wednesday that will allow Building Inspector Bruce Neemann to issue permits for shouse construction.

Neeman told the city council he has had several inquiries about the “barndominium” concept, which are typically metal buildings used for living and storage.

Councilman Jerry Werner expressed concern regarding the square footage of living space that would be needed to qualify as a shouse, rather than just a shed.

The council approved the shed/house combination for land zoned transitional ag and in residential areas with a conditional use permit.

In other action, the city reviewed the Vacant Property Registration Act. LB 256 gives the city more control over vacant properties in town.

Properties that have the potential to create problems, such as lowering property values nearby, fostering criminal activity or posing health risks, are covered by the act.

Syracuse Zito Media customers gathered at the city council meeting to voice their concerns regarding the termination of Zito media in Syracuse.

 City Attorney Jerry Stilmock met with them privately.

 On May 12, the city council voted to terminate the Zito's franchise with the city. In Wednesday’s  discussion, Stilmock said new information has come forward regarding the termination and the council rescinded the termination notice.

Tom Shoemaker of Pinpoint Communications was seeking approval  at the council meeting  of Pinpoint Communications assignment of Spiral Communications pole  attachment and franchise agreement .

Justin Stark of Olsson Associates presented an opinion of cost for  the 17th Street lift station removal and gravity sewer extension project, this was approved to advertise and seek bids.