NEBRASKA CITY – Otoe County commissioners approved a memorandum of understanding regarding paving a 1.8 miles of Road C from the existing pavement near the Woodland Hills Golf Course to the Lancaster County line.

Board minutes say an anonymous donor is funding the project, which received a $2.5 million bid from Pavers Inc. Asphalt paving with shoulders is planned for 50 mph rating on 1.8 miles.

Rugged terrain will require construction of multiple, concrete box culverts.

Commissioner Jerad Sornson said the road has needed hard-surfacing for a long time.

Sornson: “We have so many spots like that in Otoe County -- for example, the baseball field at Syracuse, the edge of Nebraska City at Goosehill Road and so many spots -- but we can’t afford to do them all.”

He said the county is grateful for the generous donation to make the C Road Project possible.

The stretch of road was the scene of a fatal roll-over accident last September. An accident report says a driver lost control shortly after leaving the pavement in Lancaster County and going onto the rocked road in Otoe County.

The sheriff's accident report did not indicate that road surface was a factor in the crash.