SYRACUSE - Jamie Prokopec of Syracuse had a vision and,  due to a great group of women and the backing of the community, the vision is underway.

Prokopec began working at the Syracuse Aquatic Center in 2018, where she saw, on a daily basis, the need for a new pool house. In response to frequent complaints from patrons, she helped initiate a bath house committee.


Fundraiser after fundraiser, they never gave up. 

A donor board was created by committee member Katy Biehl. It was placed in front of the Syracuse library to keep the public informed of their progress.

A grand finale donation of $19,500 from FirstBank of Nebraska in Syracuse put them over the top. During May’s city council meeting, the committee presented Mayor Deb Dettmer with a check for $225,000.

Committee member Carolyn Gigstad thanked the mayor and city council, as well as former mayor KC Ortiz and city staff Kelly Farmer, Jessica Meyer and Jill Crook.  Also JEO representative Terry Meier.


Photo caption: Presenting Mayor Dettmer a $225,000 check are  Becki Neemann, Julie Beach,  Carolyn Gigstad, Jamie Prokopek and Jo Weiler . Not pictured is Jen Foley.