NEBRASKA CITY –  Nebraska City School Superintendent Mark Fritch said Wednesday that the school’s expenditure reduction plan will continue following preliminary results of Tuesday’s levy override election.

A proposal to exceed the $1.05 levee lid by nine cents failed in by a vote of 1,126 in favor and 1,449 against. There was a 44.2 percent voter turnout.

Fritch said the school board has identified three certified teaching positions that will not be replaced for the 2021-22 school year.

He said the board is determining how to best finance the district’s debt. Fritch said major reductions are in the district’s future.

He said he expects to share more about a reduction plan this fall.

The Nebraska City School board voted 7 to 1 to pursue the nine cent levy override with board member Teri Stukenholz casting the dissenting vote.

A school press release says the nine cents would have generated $864,000 a year if the valuation remains at $960 million. The override would have provided  $3.5 million over a five-year period.

Superintendent Mark Fritch said the school's general fund has incurred budget deficits in three of the past five years.