AUBURN – Nemaha County voters chose to elect, rather than appoint, a county surveyor, favored Thomas Clark for Auburn City Council and elected three for the Johnson Village Board.

A Ward 1 seat on the Auburn City Council had been contested between incumbent Thomas Clark and Benjamin Bohling.

Bohling, an MMA fighter has been working with FEMA at Alexandria, La., said he would fly back to Nebraska to vote in person in Auburn on election day.

Thomas Clark was elected to his third term on a vote of 291 to 131.

His goals for the third term are to continue to help retain business, encourage job growth and to ensure that the city is attractive to people looking to relocate to a smaller community.

Clark was born and raised in Auburn and worked 40 years for the Union Pacific Railroad.

There were five candidates for three spots on the Johnson Village Board. Elected were Travis Knippelmeyer, Neal Hahn and Irene Seeba.

Voters also favored electing the county surveyor by a vote of 1,894 to 1,266.

In 2014, the state Legislature approved a bill that would allow counties with populations less than 150,000 residents to ask voters if they wanted an elected county surveyor and surveyor appointed by the county board.

Nemaha County currently has an appointed surveyor and Bryan Mellage of the county board says he is satisfied with the job remaining with an appointed position.

Mellage won re-election Tuesday with 983 votes.


Nemaha County Ballot (9 of 9 precincts)


Donald Trump, 2,396

Joseph Biden, 911


Ben Sasse, 2,482

Chris Janicek, 517

US House

Adrian Smith, 2,499

Mark Elworth Jr., 639

County Board

Bryan Mellage, 983

Nemaha County Surveyor

For election of surveyor, 1,894

Against election of surveyor, 1,266

State Legislature

Julie Slama, 2,686

Janet Palmtag, 656


Auburn school board (29) (vote for 3)

James Paschal, 1,462

Stephen Kennedy, 1,815

Bill Chapin, 1,687


Johnson-Brock (23) (vote for 3)

Thomas Teten, 494

Blayne Behrends, 588

Auburn First Ward

Thomas Clark, 291

Benjamin Bohling, 131

Auburn Second Ward

Rick Janssen, 515

Auburn Third Ward

Jeff Jeanneret, 440

Mayor of Peru

David Pease, 132

Peru West Ward

Marty Peregoy, 33

Total write-ins, 43

Peru East Ward


Brownville board (two openings)

Terry Vice, 63

Bailey Bindle, 56

Johnson village Board (vote for 3)

Travis Knippelmeyer, 123

Irene Seeba, 90

Scott Pelican, 43

Lynn Lyon, 86

Chris Armknecht, 12

Neal Hahn, 105

Julian board (vote for 3)

Patrick Hodges, 20

Ken Burgert, 19

Nemaha village (vote for 3)

George Childers, 36

JD Roberts, 29

Michael Hall, 54