NEBRASKA CITY – State Legislature candidate Janet Palmtag says she is filing ethic complaints against First District incumbent Julie Slama calling recent political mailings dishonest and despicable.

Palmtag references a flyer that arrived in mailboxes on Oct. 8 claiming that Palmtag had “broke the law” and indicating that her real estate license had been revoked.

In a tweet, Slama noted that the flyer was paid for the Nebraska Republican Party and not her campaign.

Palmtag called the flyer a deliberate lie that crosses the ethical boundaries of business ethics.

Palmtag: “If Julie Slama were herself ever to become a licensed real estate agent and then falsely told people that another agent’s license was revoked, it would put Slama at risk of losing her own such license.

Palmtag:  “If Julie Slama ever returns to law school and becomes a lawyer, she could be at risk of losing her license to practice law and potentially even disbarred for deliberately misrepresenting a legal ruling from the Iowa Real Estate Commission and making false accusations against a fellow lawyer.”

Palmtag said she is filing ethic complaints with the Nebraska School of Law and sending notice to the Nebraska Bar Association.

Palmtag presented the following statement regarding her professional status.

Palmtag: “In 2017, an independent contractor (not Janet Palmtag) working as a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Iowa for JJ Palmtag Inc. (real estate agency) made a clerical error. The agent failed to get a signature on a release authorizing trust money transfer from one trust account to another. It was not an intentional, dishonest or criminal act NOR was any license revoked.  The missed signature did not impact the sale process and the transaction closed with all funds accounted for.

Once Janet Palmtag was made aware of the missed signature, she immediately took action. She created a new checklist for Iowa operations and she personally took over all management operations for Iowa. Janet Palmtag takes responsibility for the actions of those working with her and J.J. Palmtag, Inc (real estate agency).  Acknowledging the clerical error, but without admitting guilt, JJ Palmtag, Inc. paid a one-time $500 fine to the Iowa Real Estate Commission. This was JJ Palmtag, Inc’s only infraction in 30+ years of business with over 20 agents.