NEBRASKA CITY – The Janet Palmtag for Legislature campaign is asking the Nebraska Public Service Commission to halt what the campaign describes as robocalls on behalf of State Sen. Julie Slama’s election bid for state Legislature.

A Palmtag press release on Thursday says the Nebraska Republican Party is behind the telephone calls, but says the caller is not properly identified with phone number and address.  Palmtag claims the robocalls are not in compliance with the state application process for operating an automatic dialing device.

Palmtag: “Appointed Sen. Julie Slama’s campaign team has again been caught red-handed and is violating laws of the State of Nebraska.”

In the press release, Palmtag says a script of the call was not submitted to the Public Service Commission before hand.

Ryan Hamilton, executive director of the Nebraska Republican Party, said there is no question about the source of the calls.

The first words are "this is Caitlin from the Nebraska Republican Party" and the last words are "Paid for by the Nebraska Republican Party."

Hamilton said it is the content that is most troublesome for Palmtag.

Hamilton: “Janet Palmtag is a serial liar supported by Pelosi Democrat Brad Ashford and the state’s leading never-Trumper John McCollister.

These petty complaints won’t help her escape her liberal friends and policy positions.”

Deb Collins of the Public Service Commission said Thursday afternoon she can not speak to the issue of a complaint being filed because she has not seen a complaint.

Collins: “What I can say is that,  if someone was using a device other than for advertising, they must file a script with the Public Service Commission when they begin. They have 24 hours. At this time I do not see a script on our website.”

Hamilton said Thursday the script was submitted to the Public Service Commission at 5:41 p.m. on Monday.

Palmtag is asking the Public Service Commission to order the Nebraska Republican Party to immediately cease the calls.

In an letter dated Oct. 1 from Palmtag to the Public Service Commission, Palmtag said calls to five counties on Sept. 30 misled voters with false information about Palmtag.

Hamilton said Palmtag's complaint is an attempt to try and get the party to stop telling the truth about her liberal positions.