HUMBOLDT – A Humboldt businesswoman who is circulating a petition to recall Mayor Robert Mendenhall said she is motivated by the mayor’s broken promises and concern about the city’s financial standing.

Mary White said Mayor Mendenhall is a likable person and a long-time Humboldt resident, but said his first years in office have been in turmoil.

The mayor fired a former city clerk early in his term and later broke a tie vote in favor of consolidating the clerk and treasurer jobs into one position. White said she warned against the action, saying the city needs a separation of duties to meet state accounting standards. She said Mayor Mendenhall promised her that he would see to it.

White: “On our latest audit from the state, one of our major non-compliance things was that that was not being done.”

White said the consolidation of jobs did not go well.

White: “And she quit. And the clerk they had at that time also quit, so now we have a new clerk and a new treasurer.”

She said Wednesday that while the mayor had the authority to fire the city clerk it showed his willingness to exclude the city council.

White: “The clerk that was fired … the mayor came in, fired her, did not consult any of the council members, which is within his rights, but , then when they hired the new clerk and new treasurer, again there was no communication with the city council. There’s been multiple instances where he does things or approves things and three out of the four city council members have no idea it was going to happen.”

White said the city is still juggling accounts and she is worried the mayor will again misuse his authority to fire employees over frustration on his inability to solve the city’s financial woes. She said a recall is the best direction for Humboldt rather than waiting for the mayor to compete the remaining two years of his term.

White: “Because of the financial aspects, because there are so many unanswered questions about the city’s financial. In two years our city could worse off than we are now and we are not in good shape.”

White’s husband is city councilman Dustin White. She said she asked him to sign the recall petition and he did sign.

White picked up petitions on July 1 and has 30 days to return 113 valid signatures to the Richardson County Clerk’s office.