NEBRASKA CITY – Southeast District Health Director Grant Brueggemann told the Nebraska City Health Board Monday that his office has no evidence of community spread of COVID-19 within the district.

There are 18 cases within the district, but the sources of infection are known through contact tracing.

Mayor Bryan Bequette asked about community spread data.

Bequette: “Is any of that community spread, we feel? Or is it pretty much we can determine contact tracing on all of those.”

Brueggemann: “I don’t believe right now we have any local community transmission. That’s not to say it’s not possible that is has occurred, but we haven’t found any evidence to suggest that.”

Nebraska has 14,101 cases and 170 fatalities.

Brueggemann said he is not aware of any community testing events for the district over the new couple of weeks. In the past, he said, he received only a couple days notice for testing.

He said the Nebraska National Guard units are now working exclusively with TestNebraska events. Those tests are for people with symptoms.

Brueggemann: "In total, 629 people have been tested in Otoe County. That includes anyone who has been tested outside of the district, like at TestNebraska or in Lincoln or Omaha, so not specific to CHI St. Mary’s testing or Syracuse Hospital testing.”

Dr. Dan DeFreece said CHI Health St. Mary’s has seen an increase in activity not related to coronavirus. He said the hospital is resuming its ultrasound program this week.

Gregg Goebel of Emergency Management reported on nearby states.

Goebel: “As of this morning, Iowa has 19,622 positive cases with 537 fatalities. Missouri has 13,147 with 772 fatalities. Kansas has 9,719 with 208 fatalities.”

Parks Commissioner Patrick Wehling said the city has been ramping up to get ballfields open.

City Attorney Drew Graham updated the board on the new directed health measure.

Graham: “The gathering restriction has moved from 10 people to 25. In addition to that, there are a number of types of locations or scenarios that are actually allowed to have more than 25, up to 25 percent of their capacity. That will includes things like auditoriums, stadiums, arenas, the swimming pool, zoos, anything like that, any larger confined space.”

Parades, beer gardens and street dances are prohibited.