LINCOLN – Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts asked Nebraskans to continue social distancing and applauded President Trump’s directive to extend health directives to April 30.

Ricketts: “Don’t get into large groups of more than 10 people. Keep that social distancing. I know it was a great weekend, great weather, we still need people to keep that social distancing. The name of the game is slowing the spread of the virus. The way we do that is avoiding large public groups.”

The President’s order extends the 10-person rule to April 30 and Gov. Ricketts agrees.

Ricketts: “Yesterday President Trump made the announcement that his 10 (person) rule is being extended. I want to thank President Trump, I think when he made that announcement two weeks ago with regard of the 10-person rule – no public gatherings larger than 10 people – that he really kick-started the country into awareness about what we need to do to slow the spread of the virus here in our state. I think the President showed great leadership.”

He said the six-feet distance is to be applied when you go to the park and the store.

Ricketts: “So here in the state of Nebraska we will continue to extend that 10-person rule to large public gatherings statewide.”

He said 18 Nebraska counties are subject to state directed health measures that take precedence. Directed health measures  are extended as far as May 6.

The governor also instructed anyone returning to the state from an area where is community spread of COVID-19 to self-quarantine for 14 days.