FALLS CITY – Federal authorities have filed charges against 31-year-old Cody Rhyne, who was arrested in Richardson County on Dec. 4 after an undercover buy operation.

The charges are filed in the federal district court in Omaha alleging possession with intent to distribute 50 grams or more of methamphetamine and possession of a firearm during a drug trafficking crime.

Richardson County sheriff’s deputies arrested Rhyne after chasing his purple Cadillac from a vacant Falls City parking lot to a rural location south of Humboldt. The sheriff's office says Rhyne crashed his car and fled on foot before he was apprehended.

The pursuit was subsequent to a controlled buy in Falls City that involved a confidential informant telling the sheriff’s office there was an opportunity to buy meth and a single bolt, .22 caliber rifle.

Rhyne is also charged with possession of a handgun in violation of the interstate commerce code.

A federal judge ordered the continued detention of Rhyne pending trial saying he has a prior criminal history, lacks stable employment and poses a danger if released.