FALLS CITY  - A Humboldt woman is facing a felony weapons charge after allegedly threatening her neighbors.

An arrest affidavit says the children of Kimberly Hoagland, 33, told a neighbors they would “put a  Glock to me."

 The affidavit says when Hoagland came home, she took what the neighbor’s described as a long shotgun out of a truck and said she would take care of the neighbors, using a derogatory term.

The neighbors say they are frightened by the threats and are apprehensive about leaving their home.

A Facebook posting by the Richardson County Sheriff’s Office was followed by 94 comments, some saying the children were reacting to vandalism to a bicycle and were not going to harm anyone.

Hoagland told investigators she did not talk to the neighbors, but investigators said she used the same derogatory term the neighbors had reported.

Hoagland is scheduled for a Jan. 27 court hearing.