NEBRASKA CITY – A Nebraska City man was fined $300 and sentenced to time served of two days for attempted animal neglect that led to the death of a dog in his yard on July 18.

Police found two pit-bull type dogs at the south 15th Street residence of 27-year-old Joseph Fry. Prosecutors say one animal died for lack of water and shade as temperatures reached 97 degrees that day.

Public Defender Michael Ziskey told District Judge Julie Smith at sentencing Monday that Fry was leaving for work when one of the dogs got loose, so he chained the dog up along with its mother on the porch.

He said there was a fan on the porch, but police said, when they arrived, the younger dog’s chain was tangled so he could not reach water or shelter.

Ziskey said Fry was not uncaring about the dog and was very emotional when police told him what had happened.

Deputy Otoe County Attorney John Palmtag said Fry has no other animal related offenses on his record.

In October, Judge Smith told Fry that Nebraska law specifies that people convicted of felony animal neglect are to be banned from possessing or residing with an animal for five to 15 years.  In a plea agreement, charges against Fry were reduced to a misdemeanor, which does not carry an animal ban.