AUBURN – Auburn Mayor Dan White included a visit to city hall Friday, on his last day of a law enforcement career that started when he was 18 years old.

White worked 12 years in Iowa before joining the Auburn Police Department, where he rose to the rank of chief over 15 years. He has spent the last decade working as a sheriff’s deputy.

White: “It’s a good career. It’s not a high paying career. It’s not the best hours, but you … and you struggle. You know, you’re working with not always the best. When you go on the calls you’re not always dealing with the best situations and you’ve got to think on your feet. You don’t have Monday morning quarterbacking time, you’ve got to think right now and act now.”

White said his thinking right now is about three teenage children living at home and fulfilling his campaign promise to give something back to Auburn.

White: “I’ll be able to attend more meetings now that I was able to before. I was always at the council meeting, but there were a lot of other city meetings I wasn’t able to attend.”

He said his experience in law enforcement has given him a unique perspective as a mayor.

White: “You see a lot of the bad, which normal people, they’re in bed, you know, they don’t see it. At night you see a lot of the bad and you see the transient community that move in and move out. You see people at their worst.”

He said there were days as an officer that he was glad he went to work.

White: “When you did something and people were pleased. I always told them, when I was chief, If you don’t hear anything be happy because most of the time what you are going to hear is complaint. But a lot of times you had people come up and thank you, or, years later they come up and thank you for something you did. And that makes it all worthwhile.”

White said Auburn is blessed with capable employees and department heads and his career in law enforcement will help him do his job dealing with issues as they arise.

White: “Well, as mayor, I .. a lot of people with complaints are the same people that had complaints when I was the chief of police, so I’ve already dealt with that.”

White said he is planning on spending more time at city hall in 2020 and attending more city meetings.

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