PLATTSMOUTH – Plattsmouth police are using their Facebook page to help reunite dogs with their owners.

On Sept. 20, police posted a photo of a dog found on Main Street and found his owner after seven Facebook comments and seven shares.

Facebook comment:  “Haha busted. Just glad he’s safe.”

"Ha Ha busted"

On Sept. 26, a dog with veterinarian tags was captured on Ninth Street.

There were six comments, including Amanda Grace Culley who wrote: “That’s my brother Mike’s dog.”

On Sept. 27, a brown dog was located near the courthouse and two puppies found on the 1700 block of Main Street. Owners of the puppies were located.

On Oct. 9, a red-eared dog was found on 13th Avenue.

The post was shared 24 times and police report the owner was located.

Oct. 14, a German short hair was found on near 10th Street and Second Avenue.

After 25 shares, Naomi Gaca writes “This is my doggy! I have been looking for him for hours. I would really love to come get him. My girls miss him terribly.”


"My girls miss him terribly"


Another comment advises: “After he is home and everyone is happy. Give him a stern talking to.”


On Nov. 8, a bulldog was located on Clinton Street. His photo got 5 shares and the owner was located.

On Nov. 12, a grey dog was found on south 10th Street.

After 17 comments and two shares, the owner was located.

Alisha Ann writes:  “She is home safe!”

"She is home safe"

The lost dog had been posted on old Plattsmouth Crier, but police post got results.

On Nov. 15, a dog was found on Second Ave.

Joe Bricko responded to the police photo: "Free my boy. That’s a face of a innocent man.”

     "That's the face of a innocent man "

After three comments and 10 shares the owner was located.

On Nov. 8, a black Chihuahua was found at Rhylander Park.
The owner was located after 16 shares.

Amy Richter, records supervisor for the Plattsmouth Police Department, says the city has 638 licensed dogs.


"Thank you. He's coming home tommorrow"

She said if dogs are found with license and tags they are returned to their owner at no cost for a first offense.

If the dogs are unlicensed, the owner has to pay a fine and license within five days.

Dog licenses are $11 prior to March 15 or 30 days upon receipt of the animal. The tag price doubles after March 15.