NEBRASKA CITY – Nebraska City Public Schools hosted a community #BeKind reception at the Pioneer Academy on Nov. 13.

Awards were presented for elementary school art projects and posters, as well as middle school kindness research and high school creative writing.

The singing group Expressions sang prior to Mayor Bryan Bequette’s comments about reading of the #BeKind proclamation at city hall.


Elementary school first place winners were Andi Wietzki, Miya Antonides, Elizabeth McNeely, Maddie Stanek, Caleb Walker, Abbey Lippman and Dallas Mueller-Pry

The high school’s #BeKind Committee is Teresa Frields, Carla Zaroban, Kori Vodicka, Capri Kiekel, MaKayla Riesberg, Katie Meredith, Amy Wynn, Jara Tharp, Lanette Kingery and Brian Hoover.

1st Place                                  Andi Wietzki                          3rd Grade

1st Place                                  Miya Antonides                      3rd Grade

(3rd Grade has a tie for 1st Place)


1st Place                                  Elizabeth McNeely                 4th Grade

2nd Place                                Bentleigh Rodriguez               4th Grade


1st Place                                  Maddie Stanek                        5th Grade

2nd Place                                Caydence Oakes                     5th Grade


1st Place                                  Caleb Walker                          6th Grade

2nd Place                                Elizabeth Howard                   6th Grade


1st Place                                  Abbey Lippman                      7th Grade

2nd Place                                Stella Young                           7th Grade


1st Place                                  Dallas Mueller-Pry                  8th Grade

2nd Place                                Charlotte Ulfers                      8th Grade

 The #BeKind Day was celebrated in Nebraska City with a community reception. The campaign was started by former Nebraska City residents Mark and Joni Adler, who welcome the campaign against bullying and teenage depression.