NEBRASKA CITY – Falls City Mayor Shawna Bindle signed a proclamation Monday declaring Falls City as Nebraska’s first “city of art.”

On Sept. 24, Falls City made the nationally-circulated newspaper USA Today. The story says Falls City claims  Saturday Evening Post illustrator John Falter as a native son, as well as painter Alice Cleaver, artist Allan Tubach and jazz musician Pee Wee Erwin.

Christina Wertenberger of the Stalder Foundation said the Falls City Library & Arts Center will host Mayor Bindle for a proclamation reading at 6 p.m. on Oct. 18.

Wertenberger said the proclamation drew national attention because it’s the first and it’s in an unexpected setting.

Wertenberger: “To be a small town doing it -- we’re not a huge municipality that is doing this and it really makes a nice, local news story to hear about what is going on in the world. You don’t think it’s happening in a small town, but we are so blessed and honored to have so many people who contribute to the art here in Falls City.”

Library Director Hope Schawang said the library heard from former Falls Citians from across the country who called to offer their encouragement.

Attending the signing Monday were Cassondra Goff, Stalder Foundation secretary; Schawang,  Della Meyer, president of the Richardson County Arts & Humanities Council;  June Bowers, music coordinator for the arts and humanities;  and Wertenberger, curator for the Stalder Gallery.