NEBRASKA CITY –  Lt. Gov. Mike Foley swayed and bounced his way from tree house to tree house on his way to a ribbon cutting Friday  morning for the Tree Top Village at Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska City.

Foley: “I just want to commend all those visionary leaders who saw the beauty of this land and said what can we do to make this land more accessible, not only for children, but children of all ages. If you have not yet been on the wonder net, you need to get up there.”

Four-year-old Sloaney Hermann helped cut the ribbon for America’s first tree top village. Austin Mackrill described it as 11 tree houses with 800 feet of netted bridges and walkways. Lt. Gov. Foley and others enjoyed the Wonder Net.

Mackrill: “It’s a net up in the trees. It’s not a trampoline. We’ve been told that it feels like jumping on the moon, up in the trees, so I know none of you have experienced that before. We encourage you to get up there and you can portal yourself out through a tubular, netted slide.”

Nebraska City Mayor Bryan Bequette said Arbor Day Farm is an important employer and economic generator and said the Tree Top Village adds an important dimension.

Bequette: “By golly, you bring a lot of fun. It’s even on the sign, so it makes Nebraska City as fun place for a lot of folks to come to.”

Foley credited a record collection of state lodging taxes of $5.9 million to the state’s new tourism slogan “Nebraska. Honestly. It’s Not For Everyone.”  He said slogans promote curiosity and places like the Tree Top Village make Nebraska fun.

Foley: “This is going to be one of the most wildly fabulous, popular events for kids to go to, not only in Nebraska City, but far beyond the borders of Nebraska City.”

Dan Lambe, president of the Arbor Day Foundation, said the foundation is proud to bring the attraction to the Home of Arbor Day.

Lambe: “It is the home of Arbor Day Foundation, where we’ve grown, where we’ve invited and inspired people to plant, nurture and celebrate trees. And we couldn’t be more proud to call this the home of the Arbor Day Foundation.”

Lambe recognized 30-year Tree Adventure educator Suzie Wirth,  and farm visionaries  Doug Farrar  and John Rosenow.

Also cutting the ribbon was farm manager Adam Howard.