PERU - Peru State College is accepting its largest freshman class in 30 years.

The class reached 290 students when classes started on Aug. 19 and helped push residence hall occupancy to an 16 percent increase over last year.

Dr. Jesse Dorman, vice president of enrollment management and student affairs: "Over the past year, the college has purposefully planned for a larger freshmen class.  This growth is important in our mission to engage students with educational opportunities.”

A press release says the enrollment is driven in part by the addition of junior varsity sports this fall. Peru State added junior varsity baseball, softball, men's basketball and women's basketball. The college also made cheer a competitive team sport.

Wayne Albury, athletic director: "The athletic department is proud and excited to see enrollment increases through new opportunities for student-athletes. We’ll continue to partner closely with admissions to highlight Peru State’s great programs, faculty and facilities.”