FALLS CITY – Vantec, Inc., is expanding its capabilities in Falls City.

An innovator in the plastic injection molding industry since 1983, Vantec is based in Webster City, Iowa, and established a 40,000-square-foot, climate controlled facility in Falls City in 2008.

Company President and CEO Sherri Behrendt said the company installed two injection molding machines with the capacity for products that require 400 and 500 tons of clamping pressure.

Behrendt: “We have a large, important customer in the area and they have been growing quite a bit. We want to serve our customers. We’ve always been really passionate about going above and beyond to serve our customers. They had a need so we moved one of our machines from Webster City and also purchased a new machine to add to the Falls City location.”

Economic Developer Becky Cromer said Falls City EDGE has been working with the company on the expansion.

Cromer: “They are adding two machines to their operations and adding eight to 10 jobs. This morning, one of the machines that was unloaded came from Japan. The robotic arm that goes along with it is from France and the cooling system we have is from Italy, so we have components from all parts of the globe coming to Falls City.”

Cromer said the expansion is encouraging as Falls City stresses the importance of taking care of its existing industries.

Cromer: “I think the public is excited when new companies come to town, but, from an economic development prospective, it’s more cost effective to take care of your own and grow what we have.”

She said Vantec is a good example of that and the city truly appreciates its investment.

Behrendt said the Falls City expansion comes at a strong time for manufacturing overall.

Behrendt: “The condition of industry overall this year has been very strong. The start of January has been very strong economically for many of our customers with the strong economy in the U.S. and bringing a lot of manufacturing jobs from overseas, so we’ve seen growth in both locations in Iowa and Nebraska.”

The Falls City location can be expanded to hold up to 80 injection molding machines.