OMAHA – The Omaha division of the US Army Corps of Engineers reports progress on repair of 10 of 29 breaches in the Missouri River levee system caused by spring flooding.

The corps posted a video showing work on the levee 550 near Watson and Rock Port, Mo. on its website

The Corps reports progress on a levee breach near Bartlett, just downstream from where the surging Platte River carved a hole 75 feet deep into the Missouri River bottom-ground.

Temporary breach closures were completed on levee 575 near Hamburg earlier this month. The corps is working with local sponsors to secure right-of-way needed for final repairs.

Long-term repairs on the famed “Ditch 6” southwest of Hamburg are in the engineering and design phase.

The corps recently announced a $10.3 million contact for repairs on a 19-mile stretch of levee systems south of Offut Air Force Base.

There are more than 500 miles of levees on the Missouri, Platte and Elkhorn rivers that have experienced flood damage.

The corps first rehabilitation project for a river tributary system was also approved for the North Branch of the Elkhorn River near Pierce, Neb.