FALLS CITY – Rural Water District 2 held a final inspection Thursday of its new pump station and 15-mile pipeline to  Indian Cave State Park.

Kevin Holliday of Nebraska Game and Parks said the park will still use its water tower, but will no longer have to operate its own treatment facility to provide quality water for its guests.

Holliday: “We are very excited for Indian Cave State Park. We have an existing water treatment right now, but we are at the point, with a lot of maintenance issues we’ve been having, there was a lot of manpower and we were going to have to revamp the whole plant, if we did not go this route.”

Louis Funk of Bartlett & West Engineering in Topeka said earlier plans to expand the rural water were delayed because there were not enough private customers that would commit to pay for a connection.

Funk: “Resurrected itself here about two years ago. Basically state parks said we can’t wait any longer. We’ll pay for the whole project, so we proceeded on the path of bringing a four-inch pipeline.”

Paul Benitz, chairman of the Richardson County water district, said he expects 72 private customers to connect to the water line, which was extended to six-inches at district expense.

Benitz: “The first expansion was the Sac & Fox housing southeast of Falls City. Expansion two was to Salem, expansion three was to Verdon and this is expansion four. This is the biggest one in the history of the district.”

Electronic equipment at the water tower will tell pumps when to turn on and off.

Funk said the water district has received a $1 million emergency community water assistance grant to help with private connections over the next phase of expansion.