OMAHA – The Young Republican National Federation presented State Sen. Julie Slama with its first National Legislator of the Year award during its annual convention on Saturday.

Slama was recognized as the youngest woman ever to serve in the Nebraska Legislature, the youngest Republican woman serving as a state lawmaker nationwide and as one of the most effective lawmakers of any age in the Nebraska Legislature’s 2019 session.

Her comprehensive bills to crack down on human trafficking and strengthen Nebraska’s civics education standards were among four of her bills that passed.

National Chairman Jason Emert  said Slama is a steadfast supporter of pro-life causes and the Second Amendment.

Slama issued a comment with a press release.

Slama: “While it’s an honor to be recognized, there’s still much to be done. My plan to secure a brighter future for  District 1 includes major property tax relief, better state funding for our rural schools, economic development and infrastructure improvements. It’s a privilege to work toward these goals for southeast Nebraska.”