NEBRASKA CITY -  Nebraska City Fire and Rescue rescued a trapped woman whose car plunged into a creek bed near south 11th Street Saturday.

The Nebraska City woman was exiting the drive-thru lane at Cody’s U-Save when the car accelerated, went through the fence and dropped about eight feet from a retaining wall. The car went down a steep slope about 30 feet and dropped another six feet into the creek bed coming to rest on the front bumper at nearly a 90-degree angle.


Fire Chief Rob Schreiner said an array of small trees slowed her descent.

Schreiner: “We had to put a KED (Kendrick extrication device) on her, which is kind of old school, but we had to have it for handles because she was at such an angle. We couldn’t get here out of the car. She was stuck right behind the wheel. We were able to get the driver’s door open and get the KED on her, slid a backboard in and had to drag her out onto the backboard, up onto the car, and then carry her out.


“We used the line to help pull her up out of there and then stuck her on the ladder, slid her up out of there onto the gurney, into the squad and to the hospital. It was quite an ordeal.”

There was airbag deployment on the side of the car, but not the front. EMTs were able to assure the trapped woman about her rescue and got  positive vital signs before she was lifted to safety.