NEBRASKA CITY –Lourdes Central Catholic placed second in the very small school category at the regional academic decathlon competition Jan. 20.

The team advances to state competition Feb. 16-17.

 Lourdes earned 41 individual medals, including nine gold. Rebekah Vaverek was the top scorer for the team. Cora Krog earned gold in music and Evie Dorman medaled in the honors division.

This year’s theme is humanity and technology.


Here is a press release from the school.


Congratulations to the 2023-2024 Lourdes Central Catholic School Academic Decathlon team for an outstanding showing at their Regional competition held January 20. The team placed second in the Very Small Schools category and will be advancing to State, which is scheduled February 16 & 17.

The 2023-2024 Academic Decathlon team members include seniors Cora Krog, Rebekah Vaverek, and Lucy Chaney; juniors Evie Dorman, Kadence White, Kellan Barker, Ethan Bruggeman, and Sarah Gygi; and sophomores Drue Weeda and Eli Buggi. Students are tested across the standard curriculum under the umbrella of a theme that changes each year. The theme they are studying this year is Humanity and Technology.

During the Regional competition, each team member receives the same test; however, the scores are compared and divided based on if a student is a regular team member or an alternate, and if a team member is competing as an Honors Student (GPA of 3.8 to 4.0), a Scholastic Student (GPA of 3.2 to 3.79), or a Varsity Student (GPA of 0.0 to 3.19).

The Lourdes Academic Decathlon team earned 41 individual medals at Regionals (9 Gold, 16 Silver, 16 Bronze). Rebekah Vaverek was the Top Scorer for the team.

Earning medals for the main team HONORS Division were Cora Krog and Evie Dorman. Krog earned gold in Music and silver in Literature and Science. Dorman took silver in Music and Math and bronze in Art, Science, and Economics.

Main team SCHOLASTIC students were Lucy Chaney and Drue Weeda. Chaney took silver Literature and Science and bronze in Art. Weeda earned silver in Literature and bronze in Math and Science.

Main team VARSITY students were Kellen Barker and Ethan Bruggeman. Barker and Bruggeman tied for silver in Math and tied for bronze in Art and Music. Bruggeman took silver in Economics and Barker took bronze in Economics.

 Alternate team members also tested under the same subjects. Honors alternates were Rebekah Vaverek and Kadence White. Vaverek took gold in Art, Music, Literature, and Science and bronze in Math. White took silver in Math and bronze in Art, Literature, and Science. The Scholastic alternate was Eli Buggi. Buggi earned gold in Literature, silver in Art and Music, and bronze in Math. The Varsity alternate was Sarah Gygi. Gygi earned gold in Literature, Math, and Science and silver in Art, Music, and Economics.

The Lourdes Academic Decathlon team is coached by Tammy Partsch and Tom Dinville.