NEBRASKA CITY - Dustin Hixon, 37, of Nebraska City has been sentenced to three years probation for attempted burglary in August of 2022.

The sentence also requires Hixon to undergo current mental health and substance abuse evaluations and complete victim/offender mediation.

Police arrested Hixon after responding to multiple reports of criminal mischief in the area of Arbor Lodge State Park and Park Lane. Hixon was suspected of setting off a car alarm, taking a key fob from a Mustang and forcing his way into a house after a woman opened the door to his knocks.

The woman told police Hixon would not leave by her commands, but she was able to push him out through the door to the garage.

Hixon flagged down police on Central Avenue and was taken by rescue squad to a hospital. Police did not say why he was transported, but that medical intervention was necessary.