NEBRASKA CITY - Stephanie Stanek of the Nebraska City Education Association has submitted a response to Sen. Julie Slama's recent column regarding passage of the Opportunity Scholarships Act.


Sign the Petition to Support Our Schools Nebraska

Let me be clear: Signing the Support Our Schools Nebraska petition simply allows Nebraskans to vote on whether they want to repeal or retain LB753, the bill that diverts public dollars to private and parochial schools through tax credits. People have always been able to give to private and parochial schools. So why the extra tax incentive now?


A few key points:

  • Our public schools serve nine of 10 children in Nebraska and we must prioritize fully staffing and funding those schools. Taxpayers cannot afford to fund two separate school systems in the state. There are a total of 4 private schools in District One, two of which are elementary only.

  • Public schools are economic drivers for our community and our state.

  • Private schools are not held to the same requirements as public schools.

  • Public dollars should have public oversight, ensuring transparency and use in accordance with state and federal laws.

  • The voucher scheme in LB 753 does not help all children. In fact, it even subsidizes discriminatory practices. Unlike public schools, whose doors are open to all, private schools can, and many do, discriminate against kids. 

  • The private school voucher scheme in LB 753 is expensive. The initial cost of LB753 is $25 million per year and is allowed to grow to $100 million annually. Slashing $100 million a year in revenue will lead to damaging cuts in not only public education, but also essential health and human services, roads, and other essential public services.


Several Nebraska organizations, including the PTA, Farmer’s Union, League of Women Voters, NSEA, ARC of Nebraska, OpenSky Policy Institute, Stand For Schools, Center for Rural Affairs, Holland Children’s Movement, along with tens of thousands of Nebraskans have joined the Support Our Schools Nebraska effort to add this issue to the 2024 ballot. 



Sen. Slama's column can be found here