OMAHA, Neb. -- Students from Nebraska's two largest cities are rallying in support of transgender students in the state.

Omaha Westside students coordinated a walkout Friday morning. 

Omaha Centrals students conducted their own walkout Friday afternoon, while a similar protest is expected at Lincoln Southeast next week. 

Meanwhile, the Trans Day of Visibility Rally at the Nebraska State Capitol was scheduled for Friday evening. 

Barbara Weitz, who was at the Westside rally in support of her granddaughter, said she believes legislation proposed in the Nebraska Legislature would have far-reaching effects. 

"I don't understand why all of a sudden our governance means they can tell us how to deal with our own health," Weitz said. "It's a ridiculous bill meant to make political points for a certain group of people. That angers me because it abuses children, it abuses women, and that's why I'm here."

Student organizers at Central High School said the walkout was planned in about a week's time.

The protests are being done in opposition of LB574 and LB575 in the Nebraska Legislature. LB574 would ban certain gender-affirming care for Nebraskans under the age of 19, while LB 575 would override NSAA policy, barring trans youth from competing in girls sports.