FALLS CITY - The district court in Richardson County unsealed an arrest affidavit Tuesday that describes a sheriff’s office investigation that starts with a U.S. probation search in 2020 and tracks the distribution of 1.45 pounds of methamphetamine.

The affidavit contains law enforcement’s side of the story that led to the arrest of 41-year-old Skyler Tosspon of Hiawatha, Kan.

It says his name first came up after a search of an Abbott Street residence in Falls City and surfaced again in June of 2021, when Falls City police were called to the Eastview Apartments. A  resident there said she had overheard talk about methamphetamine.

A trash pull at 41-year-old Anna Debolt’s residence led to a “no knock” warrant. Deputies say meth and syringes to inject it were found in Debolt’s bedroom. She was sentenced to probation, but a district judge released her unsatisfactorily this summer.

The affidavit says law enforcement developed Tosspon as a suspect after the arrest of 24-year-old Candace Chandler. A search of the Eastview apartment resulted in a probation sentence and a search of her house in Verdon resulted in a new conspiracy charge.


By May of this year, deputies were conducting controlled buys of methamphetamine they now believe was  coming from Tosspon. Investigators claim that 29-year-old Josie Stuart of Falls City sold meth to a confidential informant on two occasions. She is currently charged with conspiracy and delivery.

The affidavit says Stuart got 14 grams twice a week for about four months and obtained at least 427 grams in the first six months of this year.

The affidavit does not describe any controlled buys involving Tosspon, but says investigators point to him as a source of meth being distributed in Richardson County.

In a request for a bond reduction, Tosspon told the judge he is hoping to return to work so he can raise enough money to hire a lawyer and fight the state’s allegations. Bond is set with a $2,500 provision.

At a hearing Tuesday, public defender Steven Mercure asked for a modification in the bond so Tosspon can enter into a residential treatment facility. Judge Smith approved the modification, if Tosspon can find proper transportation.